Monday, November 20, 2023 – Cosmo Choy, one of President William Ruto’s ardent supporters has said the Head of state will not be re-elected during the 2027 presidential election.

In a social media post, Choy, who campaigned for Ruto’s presidential bid in the diaspora, said the man from Sugoi has lost his popularity and it will be a herculean task to be re-elected in 2027.

Cosmo further said Ruto would be a one-term president if elections were to be held today.

“The ground is not good, and I am telling you the truth.

“We have time to change things, but you will be defeated if elections are called today.

“You still have four years to change the tide.

“You know I like speaking the truth. Outside here, things are not good.

“People are really complaining, even though people are supposed to pay taxes, but the recent increment has hurt people, especially those in the diaspora,” Choy said.


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  1. That is true of the useless tree proboscis monkey with it’s table banking regime of kipsigis/nandi/marakwet imbeciles.

    That’s why it’s roaming the world on looting our taxes on abroad trips as this former mungiki vampire fraudster uhuru. It’s on mission to loots and enrich itself and it’s cohorts of thugs with no brains as usual of themselves.

    No my vote.

    On 2027, let all voters vote for themself as president and not vote this proboscis monkey and also the the odm/azimios imbecile vampires raila/kalonzo/karua/any shit they will present. Let all vote for ourselves for president by writing our name and ticking our boxes. That’s the ways to go citizens of the republic of kenya.

    One term is the verdict for these fools!

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