Monday, November 20, 2023 – Controversial oil importer, Anne Njeri, has linked Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, to the Sh 17 billion diesel import.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Sunday, Njeri narrated how she held a series of meetings with key Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders led by Sudi to secure her consignment.

The businesswoman said she met with Energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir and MP Sudi on November 8 at Chirchir’s office.

According to Njeri, she was introduced to the two leaders by a person identified as Jeremiah Serem, who assured her that the duo was in a position to help.

Njeri claimed Serem allegedly informed her that Sudi was holding a briefing for the ‘high office’ and was expected to report back to the unnamed boss on the deliberations of the meeting.

“The person I met first in Nairobi was Jeremiah Serem. In the evening, we got an appointment to see Chirchir. We met Oscar Sudi in Chirichir’s office. We were told Sudi was attending the meeting on behalf of the big office, and he was supposed to give back the feedback,” Njeri alleged.

The businesswoman disclosed that their meeting was tense after she informed them that she was the owner of the consignment.

“Four of us, we talked, but there was tension the moment I said the fuel was not mine. When they said the fuel was under a government-to-government deal, I told them I imported the cargo as a private importer,” she stated.

Njeri further dismissed reports that she was given government funds to import KSh 17 billion in fuel from Turkey.

 “Been in the oil business for 33 years. The money was mine. I was not given by the government,” she added.


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