Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party secretary general, Cleophas Malala, is reportedly involved in a romantic fling with Nominated MCA Shirleen Wambui.

According to sources, Shirleen, a nominated UDA MCA from Murang’a,  welcomed her first baby with Malala on November 12, about a week ago.

Before she gave birth, she had posted photos flaunting her baby bump on her Facebook page.

What many people don’t know is that Malala is behind the pregnancy.

Malala met Shirleen during campaigns after he dumped Raila to drum support for President William Ruto.

The friendship blossomed into love and now, they have welcomed their first baby.

Malala is married and is not clear how his wife reacted to Shirleen’s pregnancy.

Below are photos of Shirleen, Malala’s side chic turned baby mama.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Kenyans must be careful nominating this useless pigs and harlots MCA because nothing important they are doing to Kenyan people prostitution is there style and sign with party secretaries who are already married am telling Kenyans the truth about idiots harlots women in the government institutions there is worst going on in this institutions are just bunch of clowns and jokers they forget to serve the people in the counties and end up welcoming Zombie cursed babies bumps as they hit those walls so hard,let’s find out the duties of MCA:-
    1. Maintaining Close Contact With The Electorate this means The MCAs shall strive to be in close contact with those who elected them. They shall be available when people need them and they shall be approachable.
    2. Present Views, Opinions, And Proposals Of The Electorate To The County Assembly MCAs can present people’s wishes is through legislation in the County Assembly including motions, debates, and resolutions.
    3. Attend Sessions Of The County Assembly And Its Committees In the committee sessions, they have a direct role in enabling public engagement and legitimising the operations of the Assembly. They can find out the facts of a case, examine witnesses, sift evidence, and draw up logical conclusions on a number of issues before the Assembly.
    4. Provide Linkage Between The County Assembly And The Electorate On Public Service Delivery
    The MCAs shall provide a link between the Assembly and the public on the delivery of public services. This role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) ties strongly to legislation and oversight.
    Kenyan people good women and men MCA Shirleen Wambui just slapped Murang’a people on the face and urinated on there faces the most useless luck of thinking she can give to the government with Murang’a people taxes to serve them is to show them a baby zombie cursed bump from western joker Malala which is there culture of serving the people of the grounds root level, as she knows very well she is a cheater and an idiot modern harlot woman thinking she is specially forgetting how replaceable easily she can be to wards the Joker Malaya or Malala which ever the word can fit as a warm-up let’s wait the day this bogus UDA two lover birds will end up Kenya kwisha because we know this relationships or friendships are completely garbage without any responsibility because we see all the signs she belongs to the streets.

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