Monday, November 20, 2023 – Former Nandi Hills Member of Parliament, Alfred Keter has blasted President William Ruto’s administration accusing it of doing nothing to revive the economy.

Addressing mourners over the weekend, the vocal politician accused the Kenya Kwanza government of failing to deal with the country’s economic challenges.

Keter, who is never afraid of speaking his mind, said tribalism had denied the country the chance to elect competent leaders.

According to Keter, Ruto’s administration had made life more difficult by introducing oppressive taxes and policies.

 “The problem in this country is tribalism; you want to have your own, and they don’t fix issues. Take it to the bank; come January, most students will not go to school because school fees have been hiked three times. Very few people will celebrate this Christmas,” Keter said.

Keter told Rift Valley residents not to blindly support the Kenya Kwanza government, arguing that they would suffer like any other Kenyan despite Ruto being their kingpin.

The fearless politician went ahead to claim that former president Uhuru Kenyatta was better compared to Ruto.


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  1. mr kipsumbe!

    You are useless as uhuru the mungiki vampire fraudster who went through schooling but ended tabula rasa as the proboscis monkey with his table banking regime of idiots.

    Don’t ride on the calamities of this meretik regime with it’s high taxes/levies and worshipping both the imbecile demons of IMF & world bank loans.

    Blame the kipsigis/nandi/maraket/kebens for voting for these proboscis monkeys of no use to anybody and rift valley native: none of us share the dreams and aspiration of this tree!

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