Monday, November 20, 2023 – Kenya Meteorological Department Director David Gikungu has revealed that he has yet to identify the official who fed erroneous information to President William Ruto regarding El Nino rains.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Gikungu insisted that he had consistently maintained that the country will experience El Nino rains, despite President William Ruto assuring Kenyans that would no longer be the case.

“I hope one day I will find out the truth. The official communication we have been giving has not suggested an increase or decline or anything that would withdraw the El Nino phenomenon.”

“People have associated El Nino with rainfall almost to the extent of calling rainfall El Nino which is not the case,” he clarified.

Gikungu further extended his apology to the Head of State insisting that El Nino effects will still be felt until April 2024.

So far, several regions across the country have been experiencing intense rainfall with Gikungu noting that regions that are yet to experience heavy rains will be subjected to heavy downpours in due course.

“As the head of the department, I needed to state that the forecast has not changed. I needed to state that I am sorry about that miscommunication. The indication is that we are all in an El Nino season that lasts up to April 2024,” he added.

The miscommunication originated from Ruto’s October 22 speech in which he emphatically stated that he had been informed by Kenya Met that the country would not experience El Nino rains.

Crediting the department at the time, the Head of State confirmed that the forecast was good for the country’s agricultural productivity.


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