Saturday, November 18, 2023 – The estranged husband of Environment Cabinet Secretary, Soipan Tuya, has accused her of having sex with her driver.

Stephen Kudate, who is a former Narok MCA, claims that Tuya has been sleeping with her driver since the day she was appointed a Cabinet Secretary by President William Ruto.

“The sexual relationship between Tuya and her official driver is a mask for other sexual relationships with other high-ranking individuals in the society,” Kudate stated in an application that the CS filed in October, seeking Sh 3.1 million yearly child support.

The former MCA further revealed that Tuya kicked him out of their Kileleshwa home after landing the CS position.

According to him, they had been legally married but things took a turn in September 2022.

He added that she has deliberately blocked him from supporting their children.

“As the head of the family, I was a man of means who provided adequately, and she knows that I am jobless, but with the little I have, I effectively play my parental role,” he said.

He also denied the CS’ claims that he is abusive and cruel to his family as well as employees.

“I have taken care of her.”

“She is out to frustrate me and wreck my life just as she did to the first husband from Kajiado, who took her for her Masters degree in Law in the United States after which she abandoned and dumped him,” he defended himself.


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