Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – Pastor Harrison Olumbe of the African Divine Church (ADC) in Emachembe village, Kakamega County, is the talk of the village after he surrendered his cheating wife to her ‘mpango wa kando’.

The pastor caught his wife pants down with her lover in their matrimonial bed.

Following the incident, irate villagers tied the man with ropes on a tree in the homestead and gave him a thorough beating.

The man is well-known to the family.

Speaking to the press, the man of God said that he believes God will give him another loyal wife.

“I had to let her go. God will give me another good loyal wife,” he said.

According to Olumbe, it is not easy for a man to give up his wife but he consciously signed the agreement to surrender his cheating wife to the other man.

I decided to surrender my unfaithful wife to the man as she was not the right woman for me. I am a devastated man after the incident, but what keeps me going is that my perfect wife is on the way, and that is why I cannot agree to resolve things by forgiving her.

Even if I do so and we continue living together, she will continue cheating on me,” he added.

The pastor maintains that his beliefs do not allow him to share a wife with another man, and they parted ways amicably.

The pastor had gone for a burial when he was informed that another man had been spotted in his home.

He stormed his home unannounced and caught his wife in the act.

Watch the video of the dramatic incident in case you missed it.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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