Wednesday, October 04, 2023 – A single lady has revealed how she decided to “shoot her shot” at a mail courier, asking him out on a date via text messages even before she saw his face.

Six months later, the two lovers found themselves engaged and are expecting their first child together.

“The way we got married was very quick,” Tanatsa Lucas, 30, of Brisbane, Australia, told South West News Service of her whirlwind romance with husband Corey Lucas, 28.

“Lots of people told me not to do it, but I wouldn’t have changed how it all happened for the world.”

Tanatsa, a manager with Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme said it was ‘love at first phone call’.

The moment she heard Corey’s voice in June 2020, the hot-to-trot siren felt an immediate attraction.

“I was doing my nails at the time, and my delivery driver called,” the mom of two remembered. “He was speaking really nicely on the phone and was very respectful.”

“I could tell even being on the phone with him for less than a minute that there was just something different about him,” Tanatsa, a native of Zimbabwe, said.

Corey’s smooth talk prompted the bold belle to talk him into taking her out for a drink.

“I asked him if he would mind dropping the package outside my apartment, as I was going to be going out soon,” she said. “Something inside me was telling me to shoot my shot and ask him out.”

At the time, Tanatsa wanted to enter the dating pool.

“I was newly single. I don’t know what happened, but something just came over me and I just thought, ‘I may as well ask — you never know,’” she said.

Just an hour after Corey delivered her parcel, Tanatsa sent him a simple text, reading: “You single by any chance? Haha.” Luckily for her, the delivery guy was single and ready to mingle.

Tanatsa said she wanted to act like Jennifer Coolidge’s “Legally Blonde” character Paulette, who was smitten with a UPS deliveryman, played by actor Bruce Thomas, in the 2001 movie.

After confirming that he was single, Lucas and her would-be lover went out for a beer at a local bar.

“It went really well; he was saying all the right things. We just totally clicked from our first meeting,” said Tanatsa. “He came back to my apartment, but nothing happened.”

However, something major did happen three months later — she became pregnant.

“That was not at all planned,” Tanatsa insisted. “I thought, ‘Oh s–t.’”

Although she was initially worried that her new lover wouldn’t be excited about their incoming baby, her fears were assuaged when Corey popped the big question.

“It was only six months after our first meet-up, so I was blown away, but I said yes,” Tanatsa gushed.

They then tied the knot on Dec. 19, 2020.

Just a few months later, in June 2021, Tanatsa and Corey welcomed their son, Archie, now age 2. The pair birthed their second boy, Theodore, in August 2023.

“We grew to love each other even more after our second baby,” she said. “We still had our challenges, I had post-natal depression after our first baby, but we developed an understanding and are doing great.

“The only difference is before we had kids it was all about us — we now have to balance it out,” added Tanatsa. “We are really hands-on with the kids together; it’s really nice.”

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