Monday, October 2, 2023 – Acting Jubilee Party leader, Sabina Chege, has stated that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga should be held responsible for the damage to properties that occurred during Azimio One Kenya Alliance demonstrations.

Speaking with TV 47’s Willis Raburu, Sabina said the leaders who call for the demonstrations that turn violent should also be charged with various offences aside from paying for the damages.

“I should be charged. I should be the person to pay for the damages. Surely, you cannot cause havoc so that you are heard,” she said.

The nominated lawmaker said Kenyans should emulate countries that witness peaceful demonstrations.

 “I think you have seen how it happens in other countries, say South Africa. They actually walk together, hold hands, they do not destroy anything. They have an area where they will picket and give their views. They do not steal. That is what should happen in Kenya,” she said.

Sabina said Kenyan leaders when calling for demonstrations, should tell their supporters to be peaceful and orderly.

“I should tell them that we will meet at Uhuru Park or any other place. We will march to the Judiciary or wherever holding hands, and I will be walking with them,” she added.

“I will not be in a car where there is air conditioning and other demonstrators are suffocating when tear gas is thrown at the group. The other people should not be the ones getting shot while I am in an armoured car. It is not fair.” 


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