Monday, October 02, 2023 – Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that he has matured a lot as a head coach.

The Argentine has always been known for his tactics and ability to improve young players but criticized for being overly emotional when he has bad results and when bad incidents happen during a game.

“My balance is much better than 10 years ago,” the Argentine stated about how he copes with setbacks, per the club website.

“I am more mature now and I try to keep calm. I hope my wife is happy with my behavior now!

“The coaching staff are also more mature. We are not affected too much emotionally, unlike in the past.

“Even when we win we keep calm, and when the team is not so good, we keep calm also, to try to identify the best solution for the future.”

He also revealed he believes in universal energy, the idea that people, places and things are charged with a hidden energy, positive or negative

“I believe in energía universal”, he said. “It is connected. Nothing happens for causality. It is always a consequence [of something else]. Maybe, it is one of the reasons that Harry [Kane] always scores in derbies. I believe in that energy. For me, it exists”.

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