Friday, September 29, 2023 – A horny couple could be jailed for one year after a lady knelt to perform oral sex on a man in a supermarket meat counter queue.

Shocking security footage from a supermarket in Jaguariaiva in Brazil’s Parana state shows the couple in mid-oral sex while waiting in line to get some meat from the butcher’s counter. 

Customers were seen looking shocked as the man loosened the waistband of his shorts to allow the woman to access his manhood.

As he pulls out his penis, the woman squats down and pleasures the man.

Moments later, they’re interrupted by two male customers who seem to be telling them to stop the act, but they acted unbothered.

Local media reported that the recording has been passed on to police, who are investigating.

It is not clear if police have identified the couple yet. 

Local news outlet BNT has claimed that the “local community” is “outraged” by what happened and is helping in the search for the couple.

According to rule number 233 of Brazil’s Penalty Code, committing an obscene act in a public area is punishable by up to a year in prison.

Watch the video below.

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