Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – One of former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s confidantes has said President William Ruto is sacrificing Kenyan police officers by sending them to war-torn Haiti.

President William Ruto has already accepted a deal with the United National Security Council where Kenya will send 1000 police officers to Haiti to deal with street gangs and restore peace in the Caribbean country.

Reacting to the move, Uhuru’s lawyer, Ndegwa Njiru raised concerns about the safety and well-being of the Kenyan police officers who will be deployed to Haiti.

The lawyer said the criminal gangs currently operating in various parts of Haiti pose a significant threat, potentially possessing advanced weaponry that could pose serious challenges for the Kenyan officers.

After SHAKAHOLA now Ruto has decided to SACRIFICE 1000 police officers in HAITI….our brothers and sisters will die fighting for IMPERIALISTS interests in foreign land……,” Ndegwa Njiru wrote on his X page.


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  1. Let him sacrifice them,this world has no owner, the police are being used like tissue papers,The reasons am saying this when Kenyans come out in large numbers to protest against economy of uselles Zakayo Ruto and flower girl Dp gachagwa they are given bogus orders to shoot and kill by the same same top seated gorillas to kill innocent protesters,a good example is in Kisumu,Nairobi and other counties,not all police officers are bad,The good cops are bad cops and the bad cops are untouchable criminals they forget even the common mwanchi is unbreakable,to be honest Kenyans don’t care if Zakayo Ruto and his useless regime is sacrificing them or not because they are being used by the top gorillas as they seep Champagnes “nakuramba matako za the so called wakubwa”When the police are corrupt, the government is also corrupt,the same same police officer also suffers like the common citizen,We cannot live our lives afraid of those who confuse brutality with power. If we do, we only prove them right only God is the owner of this world police officers should think twice and stop being used like tissue papers by the top idiots if the pressure is too high resign,Zakayo Ruto is a beggar and allowing LGBTQ for funds by the west and Europeans nation and thats the biggest problem we have with African dirty minded corrupt leaders because they simply don’t think twice,Zakayo Ruto is a confused dirty minded leader contradicts himself,African leaders must be careful with Zakayo Ruto he is lying to them and back stabbing them by shaking hands as he goes to bed with the West and European nations leaders,which is bad for Africans especially when France solders are kicked out of Africa yet the same same Zakayo Ruto is busy being funded useless funds by IMF and WORLD BANK by inflation of taxes and making Kenyan citizens slaves paying useless debts yet there is nothing he is doing stealing the fund to satisfy his egos and the question is who is fooling who? Zakayo Ruto is the biggest problem in Kenya and Africa at large he must be over thrown with his LGBTQ bogus propaganda.

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