Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Monday surprised poor farmers. This is after he flew them abroad to negotiate better deals.

Gachagua and the farmers touched down in the Medellin City of Colombia yesterday ahead of an upcoming coffee stakeholder’s meeting. 

Flanked by coffee farmers, Gachagua will grace the Coffee Producers and Roasters Forum scheduled to be held in the South American country. 

He noted that the trip was driven by his office’s mission to improve the income generated by farmers.

“I have arrived in Bogota, Colombia, with my delegation, which includes farmers, ahead of the Coffee Producers and Roasters Forum in Medellin City in our quest to promote our coffee for better earnings to the farmer. Coffee reforms are steadily on track,” announced the DP.

“Our farmers must earn what they deserve – more money in their pockets. One of the strategies of doing so is engaging high-value markets for better prices.”

Part of the negotiations will involve high-level business forums and bilateral engagements with Colombia Vice President Francia Marquez.

Colombia is among the big consumers of coffee worldwide, with an estimated per capita consumption of 2.8 kilogrammes, a 40 per cent increase from 2.0 kilogrammes.

In May 2023, Gachagua announced that Kenya would seek to boost agricultural ties with Colombia.

At the time, Marquez had visited Kenya in an effort to work together in looking for ways to strengthen the coffee industry in Kenya.

Gachagua’s latest trip forms part of his plan to reform the Kenyan coffee sector he claims has been infiltrated by cartels.


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