Thursday, September 28, 2023 – The mother of the 16-year-old girl believed to have murdered Nairobi Hospital Finance Director Eric Maigo has spoken for the first time after her daughter was arrested.

Speaking to NTV,  Ann Adhiambo’s mother said on the tragic day, she got into a fight with her daughter over food.

She told her to get out of the house and wait outside until she completes household chores.

According to the woman, she wanted to prevent a confrontation between her and her daughter.

 I told her I would have punished her but because I did not want to develop anger because of her, she should wait outside and only come back when I am done,” she said.

Ann followed her mother’s advice and waited outside.

She then returned inside, shut the door, and took her mattress, making it evident that she was ready to sleep.

However, it’s believed that she sneaked out of the house after everyone else had gone to bed at midnight.

“Sasa mimi nikapika chakula ikaiva ako tu huko nje, kumaliza akakuja akapata tushamaliza kukula mimi nikaamka nikaenda kwa room ya kulala. Nikaona ameingia kama anafunga mlango akatoa mattress, mimi nikaacha kama nimejua mtu anataka kulala sasa pia mimi nikalala tu nikawachana na yeye,” her mother said.

At 6 am in the morning, her other kids informed her that Ann was not in the house.

 “Mimi nilijua mtu amelala kwa nyumba. Asubuhi ndio wanaamka saa kumi na mbili watoto wananiambia hayuko, nikasema asubuhi ameamka ameenda wapi,’’  she added.

Ann was arrested at the sprawling Kibera slums on Tuesday after engaging detectives in cat-and-mouse games.

She told detectives that Maigo picked her up by the roadside at night and that she was acting in self-defense after he tried to force himself on her.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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