Thursday, September 21, 2023 – The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have sacked General Secretary Andreu Camps and issued an apology for what happened in the aftermath of the World Cup final.

After the world final against England, former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the celebrations.

Rubiales, who claimed the kiss was consensual eventually resigned from his position and is currently battling charges of sexual assault and coercion.

The women players threatened a boycott of the national team until structural changes were made, but new boss Montse Tome still called up 15 of the World Cup winners. After crunch talks, all but two of the squad selected for this week’s internationals remained with the team.

The RFEF has since committed to a restructuring and they have now announced Camps has been removed from his role.

In a statement, they revealed the reasons for the decision and said sorry to the players for putting them through ‘unwanted circumstances’, while they particularly addressed an apology to Hermoso due to her being ‘immersed in a situation that she did not create’.

They said: ‘The RFEF is aware of the absolute need to start a new stage and close the institutional crisis that opened after the national team’s victory in the World Cup.

‘We understand that the players need to feel that the federation is their home, a safe environment where they can show their professionalism and sporting quality while displaying the privilege of representing Spain.

‘The steps taken so far by the current leadership of the RFEF have always sought this objective. However, we recognise that until yesterday we have not managed to create a climate of trust with the internationals.’

Reuters also reported how between six and nine senior officials at the RFEF are likely to be sacked or offered the chance to leave their jobs as part of a deal agreed with the players.

It comes after the head of the Spanish government’s national sports agency (CSD) Victor Francos said the RFEF had committed to ‘immediate and profound changes’  after reaching the aforementioned agreement with the players.

This is something that was also reflected in the RFEF’s statement as it continued: ‘During the last few days we have reiterated our public commitment to make structural changes to begin this new, absolutely necessary stage that respects criteria of good governance, transparency and equality.

‘We have accelerated the changes planned by the federation and we have communicated this decision to both the CSD and the international players.

‘Spanish football deserves absolute recognition, and all of us who are part of it must unite to achieve it.’

Other changes that have already been announced include a gender-neutral rebrand of the Spain Women’s team.

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