Tuesday, September 19, 2023 – Kisii County Governor, Simba Arati, on Monday night, stormed Gesusu Hospital and fired a lab technician who was drunk like a skunk.

In a video shared online, an irritated Arati, who was flanked by other officials, phoned a medic in charge of the hospital and asked him why there was a drunk worker in the laboratory.

“We cannot have this kind of people in the lab. He is drunk, and he also smokes bhang. Bring me somebody tonight. I am relieving him of his duties now. Look for someone to take over and let this guy go home,” Arati told the medic on the phone.

 The governor further directed the technician to go for rehabilitation.

“This person has been here for five months, and you know he is a drunk?” he questioned the medic who had to defend himself

. “Send me someone here to take over,” he insisted.

Arati also admonished other hospital officials and told them having a drunkard in such a crucial position was such a big shame.

The lab was closed, and the technician asked to go home immediately.

“Take a motorbike and go home. Get home safely but you should quit alcohol. This is a big shame,” Arati told the technician as he left the hospital premises.

Here is the video


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