Friday, September 22, 2023 – First Lady Rachel Ruto has ignited a debate after inviting a US pastor to a government-sponsored crusade in Nairobi. 

Popular US preacher Benny Hinn revealed that he has been invited to visit Kenya by First Lady Rachel Ruto. 

Speaking while conducting one of his preachings, Pastor Hinn disclosed that the First Lady flew to Orlando together with her team to request him to attend a government-sponsored crusade in Nairobi.

“Something amazing happened. The First Lady of Kenya flew from Nairobi with her team, just for one reason; to ask me to come back to Nairobi for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade,” Hinn revealed.

The televangelist said he was surprised since he had never been invited by a First Lady for a government-sponsored crusade. 

However, a section of Kenyans raised concern about the First Lady’s visit questioning the use of taxpayers’ money to invite the American pastor. 

Below are some of the reactions from netizens. 

“The First Lady travels Business Class. The current KQ Return ticket to and from JFK New York is 1.6 million shillings. Benny Hinn says she went with her team. Let’s say 5pax. Ksh8M on flights only minus hotels and per diem, just to invite Benny Hinn for a crusade when they could’ve done so on Zoom,” Gabriel Ogunda wondered.

“Christians believe change starts in your heart when you believe, Islam believe change starts in your head when you act…in such an economy… Rachel Ruto sees it wise to spend billions to bring Benny Hinn to pray for us. Nationwide Crusade will not lower cost of living,” King Luther stated.

“Rachel Ruto Invites US Pastor Benny Hinn for Kenyan Govt Sponsored Crusade wasting taxpayers’ money to invite money grabbing bible twisting charlatan,” Elida Weiss added.


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