Tuesday, September 26, 2023 – President William Ruto has revealed that his government has embarked on collecting data from all households in Kenya.

Speaking during the flagging off of Community Health Promoters at Uhuru Park in Nairobi yesterday, Ruto noted that the exercise will equip the state with the health requirements of Kenyans.

The data, which will be collected by 100,000 health promoters, will help the hospitals analyse data for targeted service delivery.

“We are also starting the journey to register every household in Kenya so that we can have the information on the health requirements, health conditions, and prevalence of whatever diseases in every part of Kenya so that our health delivery will not be based on guesswork but on information collected by the promoters,” read the statement in part.

“Every health promoter in Kenya, the 100,000 of them, will be equipped by the government of Kenya with a kit that will be used for making sure that they can access every household in Kenya. We have split every health promoter with 100 households in every part of Kenya.”

The Head of State further noted that the promoters will be given kitties by the state and will be eligible for a monthly stipend paid in half by the National Government. County governments will settle the other half.

Ruto launched the plan to hire health promoters in February with the aim of improving the detection of diseases at an early stage.

He noted at the time that the data collected by the state would help his regime in achieving the Universal Health Care (UHC).


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