Thursday, September 21, 2023 – On 20th May 2023, Susan Irungu was assaulted by Alice Wagura, an Inspector of Police stationed at Nakuru Central Police Station. Inspector Alice has been harassing and threatening her since late last year (2022) and the reason for all this bile and hatred is not clearly known to her.

Susan – “On that fateful day, I was at Nakuru Athletics Club (NAC) attending an event with a friend and 2hrs after it had started, I spotted Inspector Alice with her friends. Typical of her previous behaviour towards me, they came close to where we were seated and were trying so hard to get us to notice them. It made me really uncomfortable and I suggested to my friend that we leave the premises.

As we were waiting for an Uber, Inspector Alice approached us, in the company of a gang that I came to later learn were also police officers, most of them dressed in civilian clothing, although one was in uniform and I recognized him. His name is Constable Dickson Wema, who was stationed at Nakuru Central Police Station at the time but is now at CID headquarters.

As Inspector Alice approached, she said, “I have waited for this day for so long, wacha tuone huyo Nyaga atakusaidia aje”. Nyaga is the OCS Nakuru Central Police Station. Important to note is that I had previously made numerous complaints to OCS Derick Nyaga regarding the harassment I had been facing from Inspector Alice but he asked me not to get an OB number, saying that he would handle her. Things quietened down for a while and the harassment stopped until the day Inspector Alice saw me at the NAC event.

On the day of the assault, Inspector Alice and her friend, Naomi Mwangi (a Nakuru business lady), physically assaulted me. They pulled my hair, slapped and punched my face, threw me to the ground and then started raining kicks and blows on me. The other officers were surrounding us. At some point, I remember asking Constable Dickson Wema why he was just standing there and not restraining them and he bluntly told me, “Wewe ndio kisirani hapa na hakuna chenye unaeza nifanyia ata ukinishtaki kwa huyo Nyaga.” I also remember my friend trying to call out for help but Constable Wema was threatening anyone who attempted to intervene by saying, “Hii ni vita ya ma-askari mtu asijaribu kuingilia.” I am not a police officer.

During the altercation, I managed to take an audio recording and when Inspector Alice realized what I was doing, she attempted to grab my phone but my friend managed to snatch it and run away. Inspector Alice bluntly told me, “I am in bed with senior police officers and there is nothing you can do to me even with that recording”. I also lost my prescription glasses, purchased just 2 weeks before the incident.

Luckily, a rugby official was able to intervene and he got me out of that mess and led me and my friend outside. Inspector Alice was threatening the official asking him, “Unajua mimi ni nani?”

I was whisked away and immediately went to the nearest police station which was Nakuru Central Police Station. At the OB desk, we were denied our right to record a statement and get an OB number for the incident. I remember one officer at the desk saying, “Si wewe ndio umetoka kushtakiwa hapa ulikuwa unapigana huko NAC? Enda nyumbani utarudi kesho, hiyo ni kesi ya ofisi.” It dawned on me that an officer at the scene had called ahead to the station to report the incident.

I left and was taken to Evans Sunrise Hospital for medical attention, where I was treated for severe pain on the left shoulder and torso area, and a painful and swollen face. My left eye and jaw area were so painful that I could barely eat for 3 days.

The next day, I called the OCPD Nakuru, Mr. Wekesa, who issued a directive to the officers at Nakuru Central Police Station to record my statement and fill the P3 form. This was done by Deputy OCS, Mr. Cholla. I was then instructed to see the OCPD at his office the next day, where I narrated the whole incident, as well as previous incidents. My case was then referred to the Nakuru DCI on grounds that the case needed someone neutral to handle it.

The following Tuesday, I went to the DCI office in Nakuru where I met Deputy DCIO, Mr. Nyachae, who had been tasked to handle the case. I recorded my statement and my friend went to record hers the following day. On that day, Mr. Nyachae requested that I make copies of all the supporting documents and submit to him at 6 p.m. at his office.

I called him at 6 p.m. and he asked me to meet him outside the office since he had already left. When we met, I was utterly shocked when Mr. Nyachae made sexual advances towards me, which I declined and requested that we focus on the issue at hand. Eventually, I had to deliver the copies to the night guard at the DCI offices at around 8 p.m. that evening. Since then, Mr. Nyachae has been elusive and I’ve not received any feedback regarding the investigation from the Nakuru DCI office.

In light of this event, I feared for my safety and decided to report to the Nakuru IPOA office. I wrote a statement and was assigned an investigating officer, who also went silent after a few days. It was then that I decided to leave Nakuru because it had come to my attention that Inspector Alice had been looking for me and was sending reminders that there was nothing I could do to her since she was in bed with senior police officers, who were at her beck and call.

I then visited the Internal Affairs Unit office where I wrote another statement but things seem to have stalled, yet again.

It is my wish to state that I currently live in fear of what Inspector Alice Wagura is capable of doing. I also wish to state that I have come to learn that Inspector Alice Wagura is alleged to have been in a long-term relationship with OCS Derick Nyaga, her immediate boss, and this could explain her audacity, why my previous complaints were never addressed, and how he has sidelined himself from the whole assault case.

Another officer at the same station also asked me in confidence, “Madam, uko sure utawezana na hii kesi na Alice ni mali ya OCS?” I have also been informed, in confidence, that a few weeks after the incident, Inspector Alice was at the station bragging about how she paid the Deputy DCIO to buy my silence. I would like to publicly state that I have not received any money from anyone in relation to this incident.

I have tried my best to follow all the right channels to have this incident addressed but all my efforts seem to be hitting a wall. It is officers like Inspector Alice Wagura and those covering up for her, who keep tainting the image of the Police Force by abusing the power accorded to the offices they occupy.”

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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