Tuesday, September 26, 2023 – Radio host Charlamagne tha God has slammed US President Joe Biden for calling LL Cool J a ‘boy’ at an event honoring the legendary rapper.

The Breakfast Club presenter criticized Biden for  his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner on Saturday.

Biden was speaking at the event, which honoured those who have made an impact on society, including award recipient James Todd Smith, aka LL Cool J.

But when he took to the podium, he wrongly pronounced the rapper’s name by referring to him as ‘LL J Cool J’. He then caused further outrage by referring to the star, 55, as a ‘boy’ before correcting himself.

Biden, 80, said: ‘By the way that boy – that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs.’

The gaffe prompted radio host Charlamagne to dub Biden his ‘Donkey of the Day’.

He said: ‘He fully understands the word boy in the racial context around a white man referring to a black man, is boy.

‘See, boy is absolutely a white racist word when used in a certain context. And I know that because I’m from South Carolina.

‘When somebody uses the word boy to refer to an adult Black man and the speaker is white, that takes on a whole different point in context.’

The word boy, when used by white people to refer to back men, is a historically loaded term which has been used to denote superiority during enslavement and beyond.

Charlamagne also pointed out that LL Cool J is far from a new or emerging artist so there was little excuse to fudge his name.

Biden introduced the rapper and fellow award recipient DJ MC Lyte, as ‘two of the great artists of our time, representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip-hop in America.’

But Charlamagne, 45, blasted POTUS again for being ‘inauthentic’ in his praise.

He added: ‘This is a prime example of it doesn’t matter how many Black people you are around, it doesn’t matter how many Black people you have in your administration… If it’s not authentic to him, then it won’t come off as authentic to anyone.’

He also attacked the president’s age, dismissing the octogenarian as ‘137 years old’.

He said: ‘Joe Biden should not need a teleprompter to know there’s not two J’s in LL Cool J. Okay. LL Cool J is a man who has been rapping since President Joe Biden was my age.’

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