Thursday, September 21, 2023 – A popular radio DJ who was friends with A-list celebrities was kidnapped and tortured to death in a restaurant just yards from the Spurs stadium, a court heard.

Koray Alpergin, 43, was the owner of Turkish radio station Bizim FM and had connections with celebrities such as rapper P Diddy and many others.

He was kidnapped from outside his north London home with his girlfriend Gozde Dalbudak and ‘frog-marched’ into a white van after dining in Mayfair, the Old Bailey heard.

The DJ suffered ‘horrific injuries’ before he was killed while Ms Gozde was locked in a toilet for two days, jurors were told.

His naked body was then dumped in woodland in Loughton, Essex before it was found by a dog walker, the court heard.

Steffan Gordon, 34, Tejean Kennedy, 33, Samuel Owusu-Opuku, 35, Junior Kettle, 32, and Ali Kavak, 26, all deny murder and false imprisonment.

Kennedy, Owusu-Opuku, Kettle, and Kavak also deny the kidnap of Mr. Alpergin and Ms Dalbudak on 13 October 2022.

Kavak and Erdogan Ulcay, 56, deny perverting the course of justice by assisting with the disposal of Mr Alpergin’s body and the destruction by fire of a Fiat Diablo van and Renault Megane.

Mr Alpergin and Ms Dalbudak had arrived back at his flat in Ebony Crescent, Enfield, at 10.25pm, said prosecutor Crispin Aylett, KC.

Mr Aylett added: ‘As Koray Alpergin got out of his Audi, a man ran towards him – the man was followed by three others.

‘Although Mr Alpergin tried to run away, he was quickly caught. He called out for help but he was frog-marched back past his own car and bundled into a white van that was parked nearby.

‘Much later on, the police recovered from outside the flat a blood-stained fragment that had been torn from Koray Alpergin’s shirt. So, he must have put up a fight- but he was simply outnumbered.

‘Gozde Dalbudak had remained in the car. She was later to tell the police that she heard the sound of a scuffle.

‘A masked man had appeared at the window. He was armed with a knife.

He told Ms Dalbudak to be quiet. She got out of the car and he led her over to the van.

‘The van was driven away with Mr Alpergin and Ms Dalbudak in the back. Ms Dalbudak has said that the men were sitting on top of them.

‘In all, the prosecution suggests that no less than nine men had driven in the white van and two cars to the scene of that kidnap.’

Two other men, Ali Yildrim and Cem Oman, have fled and are believed to be overseas while the identity of the other two men is unknown, the court heard.

One of the group had fitted a tracking device to Mr Alpegrin’s car, jurors were told.

Mr Ayett said: ‘The three vehicles had arrived in the area around Olivia Court at around 10pm and then they had lain in wait until Koray Alpergin’s Audi showed up.

‘Ms Dalbudak had come over from Turkey only a few days earlier so it may be that they weren’t expecting him to have had company.’

The group had gathered earlier that evening at a cafe in south Tottenham, Mr Aylett said.

After the kidnap the convoy made its way to a restaurant and wine bar called the Stadium Lounge or ‘the Ezgi Turku Bar’, near the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the court heard.

‘It was here, in the Stadium Lounge, that Koray Alpergin was murdered,’ Mr Aylett continued.

‘As for Godze Dalbudak, she spent almost two days shut up inside a lavatory at the Stadium Lounge.

‘It was not until the late afternoon of 15 October that she was released.

‘Following the murder of Koray Alpergin, the prosecution alleges that his body was taken in the back of a black Volkswagen Polo to the Triumph Trading Estate where the sixth defendant, Erdogan Ulcay, rented two separate storage units.

‘In the early hours of 15 October, the Renault Megane was driven to Loughton in Essex.

‘There, the naked body of Koray Alpergin was dumped in some woods. A few hours later, the body was found by a man walking his dog.

‘Koray Alpergin had suffered the most horrific injuries.’

Mr Alpergin was brutally beaten with a baseball bat, boiling water was poured on him and other horrific torture methods were used, the court heard.

The murder was likely linked to drugs and organised crime, jurors were told.

A post-mortem found 94 separate injuries including cuts and bruises and a blow to the head causing brain damage.

He had injuries to the neck consistent with ligature being used to strangle him, 14 fractured ribs, and bruising to the chest suggesting the use of a baseball bat

There were injuries to the skin consistent with boiling water, stab wounds to the soles of his feet, and other parts of his body violated.

Mr Aylett said: ‘It is obvious that before his death Koray Alpergin had been stripped naked and horrifically tortured.

‘From the number and nature of the injuries that were sustained, the prosecution suggests that it is not hard to envisage a group of sadistic thugs taking it turns to inflict injury, whether with punches and kicks, hitting him with a bat, scalding him with boiling water or stabbing his feet.

‘The only mercy, if mercy it be, was that the pathologist considers that Koray Alpergin could not have survived these terrible injuries for very long and certainly not for more than a few hours.

‘The prosecution suggests that, from the number of people and vehicles involved, and the use of vehicles with false number plates which were then destroyed by fire, these crimes bear all the hallmarks of being linked to serious, organised crime- almost certainly drugs.

‘If that is right, then it would seem to follow that Koray Alpergin must, himself, have also been mixed up in the world of drugs.

‘The prosecution alleges that Koray Alpergin was kidnapped and tortured – either so that he might be punished for something that he had done, or else forced to give up something that he knew – perhaps the whereabouts of either drugs or money.

‘The prosecution do not know who actually killed Koray Alpergin nor do they know which of the defendants, if any of them, even participated in the violence that was inflicted on Koray Alpergin.

‘As a matter of law, and you may think as a matter of common sense, that does not matter.

‘In law, anyone who was a party to a plan intentionally to cause Koray Alpergin at least serious bodily harm would be guilty of his murder.’

Kennedy, of Cricklewood Broadway, Cricklewood, Owusu-Opuku, of Dunbar Road, Wood Green, Kettle, of Kingsdown Road, Islington, and Kavak, of De Quincey Road, Tottenham, deny murder and two counts of kidnap and false imprisonment.

Gordon, of Dehavilland Close, Northolt, denies murder and two counts of false imprisonment.

Ulcay, of Oakeshott Avenue, Camden, and Kavak deny preventing the course of justice.

The trial continues.

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