Thursday, September 21, 2023 – A Catholic priest has raised questions about missing and stolen genitals after one of his parishioners complained that he felt “dead” and couldn’t have an erection after someone ‘’touched” him.

The priest explained on Twitter that with many stories of disappearing penises, the topic is relevant.

He went on to narrate how one of his members was touched by someone and his penis felt “dead” thereafter. The parishioner also complained that he couldn’t have an erection.

The priest said he prayed for the member and asked him to visit the Blessed Sacrament chapel and also to exercise strenuously.  His assistant also promised to say Mass for him.

Two days later, he said the man reported back that he has regained full function of his male member.

The priest added: “I don’t know what to make of all these stories about people’s private parts disappearing in Calabar and elsewhere. Is this really possible? What do they want to do with them? And it is mostly men that appear to be the culprits. Do they want to add to their own or what!”

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