Monday September 25, 2023 – Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has proposed yet another law that seeks to push counties to pay legal fees whenever they are sued by senators.

In a statement, the Narok Senator held that in matters of national interest, county governments should bear the responsibility for the legal fees incurred, except for personal matters.

Referencing Article 96 of the constitution, Ledama called on legislators to throw their weight behind the proposed law, which he intends to sponsor himself.

‘’Article 96 of the Kenya Constitution puts the Senate as the protector of Counties and their governments,’’ noted Ledama.

Article 96, which Ledama cited, outlines the roles of the Senate including oversighting the national and county governments among other roles.

It also vests responsibility on the Senate with the law-making function by considering, debating, and approving Bills concerning counties.

‘’We must Now pass legislations to fully operationalize this article and provide that Should a Senator sue a county government on a matter of PUBLIC interest, all legal fees MUST be paid for by the County Government save for personal matters,’’ Ledama stated.

Senator Ledama, a vocal legislator, recently proposed a bill seeking to have governors who get impeached, to leave with their entire administration.

According to the Senator, the proposed law will go a long way in ensuring accountability and ensure aspirants follow up on their election pledges.

“It’s time to amend the Law and the Constitution of Kenya so that, when a Governor is impeached, he should go home with his/her government as per article 179 of the constitution,’’ stated Ledama.

The Senator expressed concern that as it stands, most impeachment motions targeting Governors are orchestrated by Deputy Governors, a trend, that he observed needs to be halted.


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