Saturday, September 16, 2023 – Controversial lawyer and barrister, Miguna Miguna, has hit out at President William Ruto’s economic advisor, Dr. David Ndii, over his controversial posts on social media.

While responding to inquiries from concerned Kenyans over a spike in fuel prices, Ndii reiterated that the current events are a culmination of a borrowing binge initiated by former President Uhuru Kenyatta, which he had warned Kenyans about.

In his response, Ndii maintained that it was naive for Kenyans to expect the country’s fortunes to change ‘overnight’, following a change in government.

He boldly declared, “I don’t believe politicians, and I don’t trust government.”

Following his remarks, Dr. Miguna attacked David Ndii, calling for his resignation for serving in a government he doesn’t believe in and offering President William Ruto what he termed as ‘Vodoo economics’

This is what Miguna Miguna wrote on his X page on Friday evening.

Ndii is not honest. If he were, he would have resigned. Why would one serve a government he doesn’t believe in, and one he says lied to the people to get elected?

Why would one continue to serve as the Chair of the President’s Economic Advisers when one doesn’t believe that the economic strategies and plans they are proposing won’t solve Kenya’s economic problems?

There are honest and competent economists who would offer practical solutions where Ndii & Co. are offering Bretton Woods’ voodoo.

There are honest economists who would tell Kenyans if the president isn’t listening or following the economic advice given by his economic team.

But being insensitive to and smug about the problems Kenyans are facing isn’t honest. It’s callous!”


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