Monday, September 18, 2023 – Dagoretti South Member of Parliament John Kiarie has said the high cost of living being witnessed in the country is a global issue not limited to Kenya.

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday, Kiarie noted that the situation is bad in other countries which even have a limit to the items one purchases.

“Tukubaliane kwanza kuwa gharama ya maisha iko juu na iko juu zaidi…  lakini si jambo la kenya tu ata ukiangalia nchi zingine ziko juu,” Kiare said.

This loosely translates to: We need to agree that the cost of living is very high and it’s not a Kenyan issue, it is also high in other countries.

The lawmaker added that climate change and the Russia-Ukraine war definitely have a direct impact on the high cost of living in Kenya.

However, he noted that the Kenya Kwanza government was working on measures to address the issue.

“Work is in progress and you cannot just wake up and reduce the cost of living. The government is working on reducing the cost of living,” Kiarie added.

Over the weekend, there has been uproar by Kenyans on the high cost of living.

This was after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority revised fuel upwards and for the first time crossed the Sh200 mark, with the rate rising by as much as Sh20 for every litre.

The new pump prices are Super Petrol at Sh211.64, Diesel at Sh201, and Kerosene at Sh202.13 per litre in Nairobi.


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  1. Another Mp pig Dagoretti South Member of Parliament John Kiarie don’t complicate things how does climate change and the Russia-Ukraine war affect fuel from United Arab Emirates does it mean the battlefield between Russia-Ukraine war
    Is being fought in United Arab Emirates to make matters worse even the climate change,Zakayo Ruto and Kenya Kwanza regime are mentally sick retarded pathological liars, Hawa Ni wezi.

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