Monday, September 25, 2023 – A lady called Wunmi has revealed the inappropriate things people said to her after the death of her father.

According to her, one of the ‘sympathizers’ called to remind her that it’s a shame that she never gave her father a grandchild while another told her to focus on finding a husband.

“Also, I want to talk about people being 100% inappropriate and saying the worst things to people grieving. A woman called to pay condolences and just blurted out “it’s such a shame you never gave your dad a grandchild,” she wrote on Saturday, September 23.

“Another person tapped me while I was crying at the cemetery to say “this isn’t what’s important now, focus on finding a husband and having a child” my father’s body hadn’t even entered the ground. I didn’t know either of these people before.

“By the time I realized what was said, I just gathered myself and walked away because really, I didn’t have the strength. It wasn’t my problem My daddy was gone and he was never going to speak to me again.” 

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