Wednesday, September 20, 2023 – A UK-based African nurse, has said that a man who can’t afford to take care of a family, has no business getting married.

She stated this on Tuesday, September 19, when she waded into the splitting of bills conversation on social media

She however, noted that a woman can support her husband but it should be optional not mandatory.

“This *splitting bills* is a very important discussion!!! It should come earlier in dating… I personally I’m 100% against any woman splitting bills with any man! I don’t care the percentage! It will never make sense to me… Yes it’s reasonable to support the family where necessary! But splitting bills???? like giving me a percentage to cover is BS! & I’m 100% not doing that! If you’re not MAN enough to take care of a Family you have no business getting married! I’m not a feminist btw… so I believe in “Man is the head of the family”. Be a man! Period,” she wrote.

“Most African never liked the idea of splitting bills with their wife, they found it ridiculous, but small years abroad, they start copying other people’s culture. I’m not saying as a woman don’t support your home/partner… I’m saying it should be optional not mandatory.. & most reasonable women will always support their partner… I’ve heard women from other culture love African men because they provide and don’t expect them to split bills… that doesn’t mean they don’t support the men.” 

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