Monday, September 25, 2023 – Former Kasarani Member of Parliament Elizabeth Ongoro has said she did everything possible to ensure former Prime Minister Raila Odinga wins the presidency in 2022.

Speaking on Saturday, Ongoro disclosed that she sold her buildings to fund Raila Odinga’s presidential campaigns in 2022.

Ongoro who last month ditched Raila Odinga for President William Ruto, said she wanted Raila Odinga to achieve his vision of becoming Kenya’s fifth president, and, therefore, she sacrificed a lot.

 “I want to tell you the truth: if I tell you the number of buildings I sold to make sure that Raila Odinga’s vision becomes a reality, some of you would think that I am foolish, but it is because I really wanted it to happen,” Ongoro said.

She said she dumped Raila for Ruto after realizing that she needed to change strategy since Raila has been doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

“Wisdom demands that when you try one thing so many times, and it fails every time and your strategy is the same all the time, wisdom reminds that you take a break and change strategy,” Ongoro explained


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