Sunday, September 24, 2023 – Former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC )Commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe has shared her views following a proposal by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei to extend the Presidential term limit to 7 years.

In a post on her official X page on Saturday, Akombe said changing the Presidential term limit will allow President William Ruto to start a fresh term in office.

She said this has happened in other countries where the Presidential term limits were amended.

“In too many countries where the political elite amends the length of the Presidency or introduce term limits, the clock starts afresh,” she said.

She was reminiscent that when late former President Daniel Arap Moi introduced the term limits in 1992, he ran again for the top seat yet he had ruled Kenya from 1978.

“Moi did the same in 1992. Let’s get ready,” Akombe added.

In December 1991, during a KANU delegates meeting at Kasarani Stadium, Moi repealed Section 2A of the constitution, thereby making Kenya a multi-party state.

The change enabled the introduction of term limits to the Presidency.

Moi went on to rule for two terms under the repealed constitution from 1992 to 2002 when he finally handed over power.

Cherargei on Friday proposed the extension of the presidential term limit from the current five to seven years.

This was in a memorandum the Senator submitted to the National Dialogue Committee at Bomas of Kenya.

“The extension of the Presidential term of seven years each term for two terms from the current five years to allow stability and pragmatic development in the country,” he said.


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  1. Dr. Roselyn Akombe this is the age of anxiety and emptiness why am saying this Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei is a mad man educated idiot,“The extension of the Presidential term of seven years each term for two terms from the current five years to allow stability and pragmatic development in the country,” it’s two years down the line nothing positive and good Kenya Kwanza has done,they ignored three things which is very important :-
    1.The citizens who voted them and those who did not vote for them
    2.The Nation
    3.They hijacked the constitution
    Why should the so called leaders behave like they are in there own planet,Late Moi regime was full of corruption and killings when he couldn’t handle leadership any more that’s why he handed over 2002,all this bullshit useless propaganda is because this regime is confused with leadership with so many loop holes difficult for them to fix,when things start to fall apart because this idiots never learn Kenya is not in the era of Mussolini and Hitler who decide to sieze power,Zakayo Ruto and his regime with full of gorillas,baboons,pig MPs and harlotes are afraid on how the citizens will react and be overthrown it’s fear and anxiety which is driving this idiots confusion and bewilderness in this great country Kenya as the succession of economic and polical catastrophes Kenya has been going through is the same same symphomes of same underlying political causes and no minister want to take first step as individual to change and from where the late Kibaki left because of greed and looting of taxes is breaking Kenyan citizens and the country apart they don’t want to face the truth and reality, where there is truth is ignored and where there is lies they want to change it to be truth and in reality you can’t change truth corruption is every where and the biggest problem, dangerously crippled the nation and its fellow citizens we have:-
    1.The rotten Judiciary system
    2.The rotten IEBC system
    3.The West and European Nations with bogus proganda of useless fucking LGBTQ
    4.The inflation of taxes just because hopeless IMF and Wold Bank yet all this funds are being pocketed by Zakayo Ruto and his Regime.
    All this funds are being pocket by politicians from 1992 when the late Moi took over the only people who changed looting of funds and Kenyans to see hope is when the late Kibaki and the Puppet Raila Odinga took over the government and we so change,that’s when the bloody Puppet Master Uhuru and Zakayo Ruto took over all hell broke loose and biggest worst Mistake Kenyans made and it continues until this moment yet no action and responsibilities this idiots can stand and fight for the people and generations to come,liars from morning to evening a disease which can be cured with truth and responsibilities,Kenyans and the nation is on the test,it’s better off the military to take over than to be lead by Zakayo Ruto rotten dirty regime.

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