Monday, September 18, 2023 – Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie has landed himself in deep trouble with Kenyans after he defended the government of President William Ruto amid the high cost of living and the abnormal increase in fuel prices.

Speaking in Mombasa today, Kiarie stated that the high cost of living is a global issue, not limited to Kenya only.

The UDA legislator noted that the situation is bad in other countries that even limit the items one purchases.

“Tukubaliane kwanza kuwa gharama ya maisha iko juu na iko juu zaidi…  lakini si jambo la kenya tu ata ukiangalia nchi zingine ziko juu,” Kiare said.

The MP added that climate change and the Russia-Ukraine war directly impact the high cost of living in Kenya.

Nonetheless, he noted that the Kenya Kwanza government was working on measures to address the issue.

“Work is in progress and you cannot just wake up and reduce the cost of living. The government is working on reducing the cost of living,” Kiarie added.

However, Kenyans accused him and his government for reneging on their campaign promises of lowering the cost of living and reducing fuel prices.


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