Saturday June 3, 2023 – In a surprising change of heart, President William Ruto’s government is set to lease out five Kenyan ports to private investors in a mouth-watering Sh1.4 trillion deal.

The deal to manage and operate the ports would be under the public-private partnership (PPP) and aims to bolster the country’s maritime sector.

According to reports, Ruto was looking for private players to manage parts of Kilindini Harbour, Dongo Kundu Port, Lamu Port, Kisumu Port and Shimoni Fisheries Port.

“The ports are confronted with the challenge of congestion and, therefore, higher dwell times for cargo. The ports will be leased/concessioned to private operators with a landlord-type port management system,” the Kenya Development Corporation (KDC) stated.

This comes even as Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza allies had accused retired President Uhuru Kenyatta of secretly selling three Kenyan ports to a Dubai firm for his own selfish interest.

“Today, we reveal to Kenyans a clandestine plot by the outgoing handshake government of Uhuru and Raila to illegally mortgage our ports of Mombasa, Lamu, and Kisumu to a foreign country.”

“In a secret deal under the guise of an economic cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates, which epitomised grand corruption, Uhuru has assented to a rip-off that will see a privately registered entity-Dubai Port World PZE take over these national infrastructure assets,” the leaders claimed.

And for them to turn around and sell 5 Kenyans ports to private investors in the name of bolstering the maritime sector is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

It therefore goes without saying that the deal will be challenged by Raila’s Azimio.


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  1. Kenyans be careful making a deal with a well dressed man or woman in a suit Hawa niwezj Hatari sàna Sometimes, it is not the money in your bank account that solves your problem, but the wisdom in your head kama wajinga Kenya hii waliopotea ni Ruto and rigàthe confused and horrible. Who ever is advising this idiots is the biggest fóol of all times.

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