Saturday, June 3, 2023 – President William Ruto has finally explained how his government will lower the skyrocketing fuel prices and offer a reprieve over the rising cost of living.

Speaking at Serena Hotel, Nairobi, in an event organized by businessmen on Saturday, Ruto said his government is planning to launch an e-mobility program later this year.

The Head of state explained that the program involves the adoption of electric buses and motorbikes with incentives for businessmen to install quality electricity charging stations across the country.

Defending the move, Ruto noted that the country spent Sh69 billion monthly to import fuel from various countries. By shifting to electric power vehicles, Ruto noted that his government would slash that cost by half.

“In this year’s Finance Bill, we have put the tax incentives you are asking for. I want to launch that program (e-mobility program) later this year and we want to transition from using fossil fuels (Diesel, Petrol kerosene) on our motorbikes and other wheelers.

“We are spending Sh60 billion (USD 500 Million) monthly to import fuel products. We can save that by half if we follow the direction we have put in our Finance Bill this year,” Ruto stated.

Currently, the price of petrol is Sh 182.70 per litre, Diesel Sh168.40, and Kerosene Sh161.13 in Nairobi.


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