Monday, June 5, 2023 – Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah and Bumula MP Jack Wamboka have told President William Ruto not to overreach his powers by threatening MPs opposed to the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

Speaking in a church service in Leshuta, Narok County, yesterday, Ruto threatened to cut funding in select constituencies whose MPs will vote to shut down the Finance Bill 2023.

However, in a quick rejoinder to the threat, Omtatah and Wamboka accused Ruto of making veiled threats to the Parliament and overreaching his powers.

Speaking during an interview, Omtatah urged his fellow parliamentarians not to be intimidated by the threats but to make the right choice once the bill is brought to the floor of the house.

“The MPs are independent and should vote by their conscience. They were elected by the taxpayers, not the President.”

“Let them vote the way the taxpayers want instead of voting based on the government or opposition wishes,” he advised.

However, he cast doubts that the National Assembly would have a constructive debate concerning the bill since Ruto has already captured it.

“There is no debate that will be happening in the National Assembly. It will be name-calling and shouting.”

“The fate of the bill will be decided outside Parliament. You can see Ruto who is not a parliamentarian controlling the process,” Omtatah stated.

He also expressed his dismay at the lengths to which the Head of State was willing to go to make sure the bill sailed through.

“The bill is toxic and if it passes, it will be too expensive to do business in Kenya. Investors will flee,” he added.

On his part, Wamboka, speaking in Bungoma County, did not take kindly the veiled threat from Ruto that opposing MPs risked being isolated from the development agenda.

“I want to plead with the President that the cost of living is very high. As an MP, I will oppose the bill as it seeks to increase taxes.”

“We will not bow to threats since Kenya is a democratic nation and if we will not get development after opposing the bill, then we will tell the electorate not to pay taxes,” he threatened.


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