Saturday June 3, 2023 – A lady has narrated how she ended a friendship of over 10 years after her male friend exposed himself in her house.

@Koromone_K stated that she and her male friend have never been sexually involved and what he did shattered her trust.

She also said that she shared her story because she wants to raise awareness for young women who have experienced the same and do not know what to do.

She tweeted;

“I’m not sharing this because I want pity but because I want to raise awareness for young women who have experienced the same and didn’t know what to do. 2 days ago, a close friend came over to listen to my album & at the end, he exposed himself in my house. Trust shattered.

“10+ years of friendship down the drain. A complete violate of my living space and our friendship. We’ve never been involved sexually so what was the plan? Was he expecting the gawk hawk 3000? I don’t know. But people it is not okay to expose yourself to your friends. It is not.

“I let him leave with his dignity. Before I blocked him on everything, I sent him a message letting him know what he was wrong and whatever friendship we had was done. If a man does not want to respect me or my space, I am happy to let him walk.

“If your guy friend ever does this to you, please let him know that he crossed a boundary immediately. Whatever you decide next is up to you, but I will not tolerate it.

“If you guys don’t want to respect yourselves or learn self control, you will lose your friends, jobs, and many other things. I’m still processing but I know this will take a long time to forgive.

“My house is closed and I won’t be hugging anyone of the opposite sex or allowing them to touch me until further notice. I’m taking my body back. You guys have tried.”

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