Friday June 9, 2023 – A British woman accused of tricking a visually impaired female teen into having a sexual relationship with her by posing as a man, allegedly tried to also dupe a girl who worked at McDonald’s, it has been revealed.

Georgia Bilham, 21, is charged with masquerading as a man to deceive a visually impaired 19-year-old into a same-sex relationship by forcing her to remove her glasses before sex.

A jury was told on Thursday June 8 that Bilham — who used the alias “George Parry” also posed as a male when she met another female teen online.

Nikita Hughes, 22, told Chester Crown Court she was 16 when she was contacted by someone called “Brummie George,” the Guardian reported.

She said she felt something strange about the person she believed to be male that she “couldn’t put her finger on,” but had no clue “George” was female.

During their online chats, Hughes said “George” told her his mother had died, that he was close to his “Nan” and had two dogs, according to the Daily Mail.

She said “George” added her on Snapchat in 2021 and that they also communicated on FaceTime.

Hughes said “George” also sent her a photograph purporting to be himself but that she never got a good look at his face.

In May 2021, “George” picked her up at the McDonald’s where she worked in Abergele, north Wales, and drove her around the Great Orme, while wearing a tracksuit with the hood up, Hughes said.

“I caught a glimpse of him at one point, then my face got pushed away,” she said, explaining that “George” pushed her away with an arm.

Asked if she believed her date to be male or female at the time, Hughes replied: “Male,” the Daily Mail reported.

Several weeks later, she was contacted by a teenage girl, Bilham’s accuser, who was in a relationship with “George” and wanted to learn more about the person, according to the outlet.

A jury was told on Thursday that Bilham — who used the alias “George Parry” – also posed as a male when she met another female teen online.

Hughes told the jury she never heard from “George” again.

Bilham and his shortsighted accuser became romantically involved the same year under false pretenses, the court was told.

During sex, the teen tried to remove Bilham’s boxer shorts, but the suspect reportedly reacted by shaking and refusing to disrobe because “he” was self-conscious about stabbing scars.

Bilham has insisted during the trial that her accuser knew she was really female.

“It is a case about this defendant deceiving someone that she was, in fact, a young man,” prosecutor Anna Pope said in her opening statement.

The alleged victim — who is not being named for legal reasons — said she found out when her mother met “George” and told her she believed he was female.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She [her mother] said she doesn’t think George is being honest with me, she doesn’t think he is who he says he is and then she said she thinks that he’s a girl,” the woman told the court earlier, the Times of London reported.

“I was just shocked and disgusted that I’d been so close with this person that turned out to be who it really was, and that George wasn’t real,” she said.

Bilham faces 17 counts, including sexual assault and assault by penetration. She has denied all the charges.

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