Monday, June 5, 2023 – President William Ruto has warned MPs, especially those in the Opposition, of dire consequences if they dare sabotage his Finance Bill 2023.

Speaking Sunday during a church service in Leshuta, Narok County, Ruto termed the public contention around the Finance Bill, 2023, as pretentious.

According to Ruto, Azimio leaders opposing the bill are doing so just because they are in the Opposition.

“Stop all the politicking around the housing levy. Even those in the opposition love the housing plan and if Azimio was in power, they would be saying what I am saying,” he said.

In Ruto’s view, every leader agrees that the housing levy proposed in the Finance Bill, 2023, is good for the country.

“We need to pass this bill so Kenya can develop. There are some suggestions that MPs should disclose how they voted when the bill is tabled in parliament, but personally, I am waiting to see any MP who will shut down that bill,” Ruto stated.

“Those telling us to hold back on the Housing levy need to be told Ngojea ngojea huumiza matumbo,” he added.

The 2023/2024 budget is set to be tabled before Parliament on June 15.

But while the Azimio coalition has signaled to resume anti-government protests if the controversial bill 2023 is not reviewed, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asserted that the bill will pass in parliament as it is.

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  1. Mr table banking president shelf both fuel tax and housing fund 3% levy for good. No more votes from me come 2027!

    Mr table banking president!

    Let me pen my objection to your table banking financial bill 2023.

    From your thorax taxes I will only be left with 20.765% net salary each month if your mpigs baboons pass your table banking financial bill 2023.

    The calculation of all the taxes and levy I incur on my salary are as follows:

    P.A.Y.E. 30.00%
    NHIF 1.06%
    NSSF 0.67%
    Staff Union 2.00%
    Pension scheme 10.00%
    Bank loan 16.50%
    V.A.T. on shoppings & buy fuel 16.00%
    New Housing Fund levy 3.00%

    Total tax + levy 79.23%

    My Net Salary come to 20.77%, which I am openly robbed by banks and mpesa charges each time I withdraw my little moneys of my net salary. These net 20.77% is what I use to feel my family and pay school fees, pay rent, electricity and water plus services.

    Surely my arrogant table banking president: I don’t share your dream fallacy of building houses. Let me have my 3% (Kshs 2,500), it will be used in paying school fees for my children.

    If indeed you are wise, charge tithe on all the taxes your table banking will be collecting to fund this useless housing mirage fund or go borrow any Islamic bank debts at 0% interest on the same.

    For now, shelf your table banking fuel tax and housing fund levy. If your imbecile baboons will pass the TB financial bill 2023. I will not vote for you and your cocktail party come 2027: right from you to the mcapigs.

    2027 you will have noticed all the citizens of the republic of Kenya have had enough of you table banking president and the table banking regime of the day.

  2. Ruto stop being silly and stupid this government is not your seating room,go and threaten your wife and children not Kenyan citizen,The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them,it was not a must you to be a president respect the constitution and the law Wacha ujinga Na ukumbafu hii Kenya Sio mama YA mtu Ni yetu sote your just a servant.

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