Thursday June 8, 2023 – A fourth British woman has accused Andrew Tate of sexual assault by, alleging the social media influencer choked her until she lost consciousness.

The 30-year-old has joined a civil claim for damages against Tate, after three other women said in April that they intended to begin proceedings.

Former kickboxer Tate is currently under house arrest in Romania with his brother Tristan on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking, which he denies.

Now, the fourth woman has come forward to claim she faced threatening behaviour from Tate after he ‘strangled’ her until she lost consciousness while they had sex.

The woman, who was a university student aged 20 at the time of the allegations in 2014, said she met Tate on a night out in his hometown of Luton, Bedfordshire.

She said they had consensual sex but this became violent when Tate choked her, and when she awoke he was still having sex with her, which she did not consent to.

The woman told BBC Newsnight that this was her second encounter with Tate. A few months earlier they had consensual sex.

She said while they were having sex on their second encounter, Tate put his hand on her throat and ‘strangled me’ until she passed out – and that when she came round ‘it was a bit confusing at first’, and he was ‘still having sex with me’.

The woman also said she was subjected to violent threats by Tate, including one to kill her, adding: ‘He kept saying: “I own you, you belong to me”.

‘All throughout the night he was being fairly aggressive and saying horrible things.’

A spokesman for Tate insisted that all sexual acts he had been involved in had been consensual – and that he does not condone violence towards women.

The woman did not report the incident to police at the time, saying she only realised she had been sexually assaulted about six years later when she described what had happened to her friends.

She has now joined three other British woman aged in their late 20s and early 30s as they pursue civil claims for damages against Tate.

They all say they were victims of sexual violence by Tate between 2013 and 2016, when he lived in the UK.

Tate’s spokesman told Sky News: ‘We understand there is a lot of interest surrounding Andrew at the moment; however, he vehemently denies these accusations and does not condone violence of any kind towards women.

All sexual acts that Andrew has partaken in have been consensual and agreed upon before by both parties.

‘Andrew strongly encourages women who have experienced assault, in any form, to report it to the relevant authorities. He is saddened that a few women who he has allegedly spent time with nearly a decade ago have decided to try and take advantage of his current situation.

‘We will not be commenting any further on anyone’s alleged intention to pursue legal action unless such action is submitted to the authorities.’

The lawyer for the original three women, Matt Jury, said in April when their claim was first announced: ‘Their allegations include rape, sexual and physical assaults, including holding guns to women’s heads, strangulations including with belts, allegations of the most awful behaviour towards women.’ 

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