Tuesday, June 6, 2023 – Pauline Waithira, the 70-year-old Mama Mboga who gained popularity by endorsing President William Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022, appears to have changed her mind on supporting anything Ruto does after she was duped.

After Ruto used her to hoodwink hustlers and dumped her like garbage, Pauline has now joined Raila Odinga’s Azimio in opposing Ruto’s Housing Fund, and by extension the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

According to her, Ruto is only interested in bettering the lives of the rich and not hustlers. She claimed the Housing Fund will only benefit the rich and not the poor.

As a result, she asked Ruto to stop pushing the adoption of the Finance Bill because it only favours the rich.

“How can you contribute to the Housing Levy when you are already broke and homeless? If I am already struggling with rent and food, how will I manage to contribute,” she wondered.

She, therefore, appealed to MPs to reject the Finance Bill for the sake of Kenyans.


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