Wednesday, May 31, 2023 – Police officers had a hard time controlling a rowdy mob that accosted a suspected thug, who has reportedly been carrying out criminal activities in one of the informal settlements in Nairobi.

A video that has since gone viral shows the blood-thirsty mob attacking the suspected thug with all manner of crude weapons as police officers desperately try to rescue him.

The cops got hold of the suspected thug and tried to bundle him into their car but the mob followed them and tried to snatch him away.

At some point, the cops were overpowered by the mob but they continued shielding the suspected thug while at the same time risking their lives.

They eventually overpowered the mob after threatening to shoot in self-defense and ferried the suspect to the police station.

Netizens have commended the police officers for saving the life of the suspected thug.

“There are human cops out there. These ones deserve a raise,’’ a Twitter user wrote.

“The police did well. The suspect must not be condemned unheard. The restraint in not firing in the air is commendable,’’ another user added.

Watch the video and comments.

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