Sunday, May 28, 2023 – Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria, has dared former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to call for secession, saying the Kenya Kwanza Government is tired of his empty threats.

On Friday, Raila said he will push for secession owing to what he termed bias in the allocation of the national resources and ‘award’ of job opportunities to select tribes.

While explaining the impact the Housing Fund will have on the economy, CS Kuria said the plan will be key in creating massive job opportunities.

According to Kuria, thousands of Kenyans are already contributing to the funds.

“Did you know that 30,000 Kenyans have been contributing to the Housing Fund already? They have raised Sh1.8 billion already,” he tweeted on Saturday.

“With gearing I can easily get investors to multiply this to Sh45 Billion of houses (25X). That’s 18,000 houses at a cost of Ksh 2.5 Million. Each house creates 10 jobs. That’s 180,000 jobs right there just from a pool of 30,000 voluntary contributors and a gearing factor of 25X.”

The CS went on to say the salaried Kenyans will give the Housing Fund a major boost by contributing to the plan.

This, he said, will give several Kenyans job opportunities they are in need of.

“Now we have 3 million salaried workers in Kenya. By the same rule that’s 18 Million jobs. Secede if you want. We must change this nation,” he added.

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  1. Kuria your the most useless,most corrupt leader from the puppet master uhuru and Ruto government you end up being the worst leader,clean your self from public eyes before you open your dirty mouth send the message to your rotten minded ichungwa we as Kenyan citizens we own the government we don’t beg for wafadhili get the record straight nyinyi ni wafadhili wetu if the late Moi respected the citizens who are you in this bogus hustlers thugs regime be warned we are watching you Kenyan citizens are not fools to employ you and fool around with our taxes tutaingia mpaka in your bedrooms so be careful the late michuki said if you rattle a snake be ready to be bitten,the old man was not a fool he meant what he said he was a hero to many so be careful it’s not a threat it’s advice.

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