Friday, May 26, 2023 – Controversial lawyer and barrister, Miguna Miguna, has issued a condition that President William Ruto must fulfill for him to support the mandatory Housing levy.

Speaking on Friday, Miguna said if Ruto’s handlers commit to using the fund ethically and no funds are stolen for the project, then he will support the deduction of the fund.

Miguna further said that it is time Kenya built a caring society. 

“For these reasons – and if the proposed housing levy is handled ethically and no one steals the funds meant for it – I will support it. Let’s build a caring and civilized society. Not a man-eat-man one,” Miguna said.

The lawyer went on to give an example of Canada’s universal and compulsory healthcare, which he said cares for all, regardless of status.

“Canada’s universal and compulsory health care is celebrated around the world because it cares for everyone – the rich and especially the economically less privileged.

“It ensures that those with gainful income are taxed so that those with no income for various reasons and/or the disabled, the poor, and refugees fleeing oppression have equal access to healthcare care just as much as the wealthy.

“Canada has similar laws, policies, and taxes for affordable housing for the vulnerable. That’s how a caring and civilized society operates. That’s why the Canadian welfare state works while the American system is broken and fails the most vulnerable,” he said.


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