Sunday, May 28, 2023 – As the Government continues to crack down on rogue preachers, it is now emerging that a Nigerian pastor is running an occult church in Imara Daima estate, Nairobi.

The said pastor identified as Richard Takim reportedly uses dark powers to brainwash his congregants and mislead them for his gains.

A former member wrote to Robert Alai and claimed that the pastor planted an occultic spirit in her.

The pastor wanted her to transfer her family wealth to him to build the church.

He also warned her that she will die if she leaves the church.

She left the church last year and since then, dark spirits have been attacking her and her family members.

Check out Alai’s Twitter and posts of the rogue Nigerian preacher.

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  1. These are all lies, the pastor accused is selfless and his burden is to see lives transformed, that is why he teaches the pure word of God without manipulation, many who have listened to him will attest to this. He cannot be having self-gain motives when he uses his own money to see people even through school and other personal needs. If its true why can’t the woman go to court or report the matter for the authorities to handle because from the posts she has evidences. If there in truth in what the woman is claiming why are they asking the pastor to meet them privately if its not scam. God is just and he pays everyone according to his deeds.

  2. There is no former member here neither a woman that caught an occultic spirit attending the church Apostle Richard Takim preaches. This is a cooked lie by dark men of gods whose dark works in the their churches have been exposed by God through the gospel He has placed in his lips.

    Only cave men can buy this nonsense from hidden pastors whose charismatic witchcraft is being exposed. Very resently the same Apostle Richard Takim when the Shakahola issue rose, leading media houses including KTN contacted him one, on phone to get some light on the issue. Two, KTN organized a round table meeting where they hosted along Apostle Richard Takim and three other Bishops who lead massive congregations in the Kenyan church including citam.

    On the issue of government regulating the Kenyan church, the same Apostle Richard Takim was hosted along another Bishop on KU TV. So only men in the dark can buy this kind of nonsense but to the wise and in the light, they know Apostle Richard Takim is one preacher who has stood for the Truth and by the doctrine of Christ he teaches, many are being saved and delivered from the activities of these dark men of gods. The step by these media houses that called Apostle Richard Takim is a clear sign that he is someone who is trusted when it comes to matters of doctrine.

    These dark men of gods had gained a milage by peddling lies in the church but thank God He has brought His own and their dark works are shutting down by the day. Your lie O dark men is too small to stop what God is doing through Apostle Richard Takim and if you think that this can stop the move of God to seek and save the lost in Kenya, your own dark works is what shall shut down.

    And don’t forget that by Biblical definition, what you are doing is termed as running on a slippery ground. Don’t be surprised when time will comment on your falsehood. Wickedness is destined to self destruction.

  3. The things that Apostle Richard Takim teaches against is what they are falsefying against him. Only a people that have never listened to Apostle Takim can buy such Falsehood. Maybe the Woman was send to bring darks powers in the church and they backfired on her.
    Whoever is reading the cooked lie i invite you to listen to the truth he teaches or listen this sunday on Citizen Tv and judge for yourself.
    Apostle Richard Takim, teaches a sound doctrines that is pulling the soul of men that are heading to hell while those who send you to peddle lies him are sending souls to hell. May God show you Mercy.
    This is just a beggining those who are being used by Dark men to spread Falsehood on him you are on your own. He who send him to do his work will answer for himself.

  4. Only the “deaf, blind and weak-minded personalities” can take this lady on face value. Dear woman, whereas God is transforming lives through the same man globally, you, you actually got demon-possessed from the same source??? No wonder, with such a wrong heart and evil motives, WHY WOULD THE DEVIL NOT BE VISITING YOU? I would be shocked if he did not!!!! But come to think of it, this man of God, Apostle Richard Takim has been on local televisions and radio stations for years for the public to give their views and opinions about……….just the way the government collects signatures and opinions in matters affecting the citizens, since this is one of it, why then not do the same on God’s servant . Out of the public opinions, should there be concerns like the one raised, let the relevant authorities such as DCI conduct investigations and get the issue rolling in court and if falsehood is noted, let the witnesses face prosecution, period!!! Moreover, this man is categorically, one of the very few men of God, we know (Kenyans of goodwill can testify) that does not ask for offering twice in a service including Sunday services (no matter how many services held) . In fact, he even forgets and the congregants have to remind him. Kenyans who are not even his members seek for help from him and have been assisted. So this allegation ain’t adding up!!! Our own Kenyan preachers are known for merchandise on pulpit, collecting offering and tithes even five times on a Sunday service not forgetting “tuma mbegu madness”, even on television and social media platforms, okey…..these folks are still at large, so please can we have the right culprits charged and not sideline people on “nationality” basis or based on rouge Kenyan preachers who are willing to go to any extent to have the same man who is ever screaming their errors and saving lives for Jesus Christ ejected??? This woman is even an outright liar, (indeed, that’s why she speaks like her father the devil and no wonder the demonic attacks), when did Apostle commence building a church or even collected money towards the same? But let’s do justice to the woman and let her deliver her evidences in peace if not in pieces!!!

  5. Before anyone comments anything, its good to check out if what THE TWEET PURPORTS , is True or False, by themselves. Dont let a tweet convince you of what its true or not.

    These were Apostle Takims response to Shakahola incident

  6. This post is a Total Lie…Apostle Takim is the Only Genuine and Truthful Pastor Right Now, The person giving the fake story here was never a member of the Church…The liar here even forgets that in 2020,2021, all churches were under lock down, so how was she attending church…that aside…Exposed , Jealous and Hateful Pastors are now desperate to keep their fake churches and gullible members running because they have been utterly exposed for preaching false doctrines and robbing members….by Apostle Takim .and have now been left with no choice other than cook fake stories …..All along in this nation Fake pastors have been preaching on sacrificial giving as the only tool for Deliverance and using/selling Fake olive oil to gullible members on fake promises that they will be delivered from fake altars…..Their Exposure has led them to no other choice other than cook fake stories…I urge all readers to keep off this fake post…..The Truth shall continue Thriving and being preached by Apostle Takim…..

  7. Apostle Takim is the only genuine and Truthful Pastor in Kenya right Now.Most Kenyan Pastors are Greedy, running churches as political arenas, Tribal centres, Money making machines and social clubs.Most Kenyan pastors are well known as robber preachers. What we see here is just a desperate action of Exposed Kenyan preachers who are afraid of losing their members who have awaken and had their eyes opened from greedy Kenyan preachers…Mackenzie is a very good example of not only a robber fake pastor but a killer pastor…..This post is very afke..and the person here has never been a member of the church….how I can that even in year 2020 ND YEAR 2021..All churches were under lock down so how exactly did this happen…It is sad that someone can accept to be paid little money to write fake news of one of the only Genuinely Called Men of God…who does not even sell fake prayer gadgets to members in the name of deliverance…shame on the corrupt blogger who has written this fake post…

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