Tuesday, May 30, 2023 – After struggling to convince Kenyans to buy President William Ruto’s controversial housing scheme, Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga has shifted the blame to Azimio Leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, PS Hinga inadvertently accused Raila of introducing the housing levy in Kenya.

According to Hinga, the proposed housing levy in the Finance Bill 2023 was originally a proposal by Raila in 2012.

Hinga stated that he hosted Raila at his home in South Africa and a discussion about the housing problem in Kenya birthed the idea of a housing levy.

He explained that the ODM leader was concerned and passionate about the plight of Kenyans who were living in the informal settlement and helped him convince other leaders to pass the levy into law.

“I hosted the former Prime Minister way back in 2012 at my home in South Africa, where we discussed the housing problem in Kenya. Raila was very passionate about the plight of Kenyans living in informal settlements.”

“The person that helped me convince Atwoli and Sossion to support the Housing fund in the past regime was the former Prime Minister,” he stated.

Further, he noted that because of Odinga’s support, the levy, which was included in the 2018 Finance Bill, was passed by Parliament.

However, they decided to withdraw it over a protracted court case.

The PS stated that it was shocking to hear Raila and other leaders oppose the bill, yet they had supported it when they were working with the government.

Additionally, he stated that the Azimio leader was on record during campaigns promising that he would re-introduce the levy if elected president, adding that the 2018 bill was to deduct 1.5% from salaried Kenyans.

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    Everyone is aware that Media acts as watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness.
    Is the media aware that Sasra and Ministry of Cooperative conducted an inquiry into the activities of the UTS Sacco and the findings have been hidden from members.

    At UTS Sacco,the management changed AGM system to Delegates system where by only selected Delegates would attend meetings this is to avoid the over 70,000 members questioning about Dividends.

    Here,loaning policy of first come first served is grossly violated at Universal Traders Sacco and loans are only available to a section of membership who are perceived to be loyal to the system.

    There is no transparency at the UTS sacco and time has come for the media to help this Sacco since the CEO Dominic Mutunga and chairman are just accumulating wealth through deals against Sacco laws.

    The decline in the Sacco’s loaning performance has forced most of the members to seek loans from commercial banks and other financial institutions to cushion them-selves from the harsh and hostile economic hardships facing almost everybody in Kenya today.

    The fraud at this UTS Sacco is too much and Financial fraud is a notable threat impacting the growth of SACCOs and cooperative societies in Kenya.

    The CEO owns the famous The Moments Club in Machakos Town and now the time has come for members to demand lifestyle Audit of the CEO.

    There have been several cases of theft and misappropriation of funds in previous years at this Sacco.

    Organizations like Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) have been formed by the government to supervise and regulate SACCOs but they have been compromised by the CEO Dominic.

    Why is Mr Dominic Mutunga mistreating a member by the name Robert Kinothia?
    Did he do transaction with Maldives Garage?
    All is not well at UTS Sacco

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