Thursday April 13, 2023 – Nearly six months into his ownership of social media company, Twitter, Elon Musk says he’s been sleeping on a couch inside a seventh-floor library of the company he bought for $44 billion, which is ‘’being run by his dog.”

The world’s second richest man, 51, joked in a surprise interview with the BBC on Tuesday April 11, that his pet, Floki, is now head of the company.

Musk, in December 2022 launched a poll on whether he should step down as CEO.

After users in the nonscientific Twitter poll declared he should, said he had abided by that pledge (because his dog is in charge.)

“I did stand down,” he said. “I keep telling you I’m not the CEO of Twitter, my dog is the CEO of Twitter.”

“I said I would appoint a new CEO and I did and it’s my dog,” he said on Wednesday.

His bizarre comment came after a series of Tweets in February, in which he posted pictures of his pet dressed in human clothing, and announced: “The new CEO of Twitter is amazing. He’s great with numbers.”

Dad-of-10 Elon also revealed he sometimes sleeps in the Twitter office, using a couch in a library “no one goes to”.

He insisted Twitter would have gone bankrupt if he hadn’t immediately cut costs, claiming the company had only “four months to live”.

This is not a caring/uncaring situation. If the whole ship sinks then nobody’s got a job.”

Twitter now has about 1,500 employees compared to “just under 8,000 staff members” before the takeover, according to the billionaire.

Elon added he had been “under constant attack” over his takeover, which he said hurt him as he doesn’t possess “a stone-cold heart”.

If you’re under constant criticism and attack, and that gets fed to you non-stop, including through Twitter, it’s rough.

“But it’s important to get negative feedback.”

Elon said as he refuses to turn off replies to his tweets and doesn’t block anyone he sees “a lot of negative feedback”.

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