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Thursday, 30 March 2023 Pro-Governent blogger Gordon Opiyo was arrested on Monday and locked up at Central Police Station by some rogue cops who profiled him for being a Luo.

While in the cell, he interacted with 4 bodyguards allied to Martha Karua, who had also been arrested.

They revealed to him how the Azimio brigade is heavily financed.

Read his Facebook post.

Do I give up?

Is it really worth it?

These were the issues racing through my mind on Monday.

This is after interacting with several insiders of the Azimio brigade that I met at the Cells.

I thought of just shutting down this page and setting up another one that just writes the 3 am Thoughts and has Zero Political content.

Then focus on my job and business, and leave anything political, live a quiet and simple life.


I got scary information about the level of organization, dedication, and funding on the Uhuru /Raila camp.

I was in the same cell with four bodyguards of Martha Karua and was shocked to discover that each gets paid 70k per Rally, on top of accommodation and meals. And they have two dedicated Prados for each trip. They got arrested in Sunday after strolling off during the Sunday trip the Azimio brigade had in CBD.

From the conversation they had in the brief time we were together, they are in the middle of one extremely well-oiled, and extremely well-organized system.

Nothing changed, in terms of financial resources during the campaigns. The system is tightly knit and organized..

And they are on a mission, holding on to a warm camaraderie developed over several months on the road, right from the BBI days…

I had long suspected that things were really rosy on the opposition side, compared to the “Government” side on these social media streets. Wahome Thuku and Pauline Njoroge together with all the supporting colleagues have been deconstructing the Government side mercilessly, and making the Government side look clueless like A Deer hit by full lights in the dark. Wahome is doing ten times much better than those on the Government side financially, Yaani the guy is well taken care of. Ako Sawa kabisa, in the opposition benches.

Just as I was thinking about this, Moses Oburu called me early this morning. He was totally concerned that our side has lost the narrative.

Having been in the trenches from the days of SONU, and having been part of political system since 1998, I take Oburu seriously.

His main concern is that Ruto is being exposed by lack of political support system, complemented by a well coordinated Communication system.

He is in Mombasa and says that he remembers how Moi used to have counter narrative to any attack against his system. Sheriff Nassir would fight from the Coast. Moses Mudavadi would fight from the West, Ndolo Ayah, Okiki Amayo and Odongo Omamo would fight from Nyanza. Yusuf Haji would organize events in the North..

There was no time Moi lost the political war of narrative and propaganda. He was always ahead politically. And that is what Ruto lacks. After taking power, his political system simply collapsed. Key Allies took offices and went to sleep.

On communication, Moi had full control of KTN, KBC, Weekly Review and Standard. These offered counter narrative to the opposition leaning Nation Media and People Daily.

Moi knew that for his political survival, he needed a combination of Political fighters and communication systems that refuted the opposition narrative and propaganda…

Right now, 7 months in power, the Government hasn’t captured any media outlet in the mainstream. They are all firmly on the Azimio side..

The social media team simply withdrew the support, since there isn’t anyone coordinating anything. Those who got into offices, simply forgot those left behind.

So, both on the mainstream media and social media, there is no force on the Government side to counter the narrative from the Azimio side.

Since the Government side isn’t serious and everyone has gone to sleep, I kept asking myself this question :-

These Raila guys are extremely organized and obviously well oiled by former President Uhuru

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