Friday March 17, 2023 – A pastor is shining light on an issue in marriage which he says leads many women to depression.

Pastor Shola Adeoye explained that many men, in the name of providing, abandon their wives to care for their children alone for months on end while the men are out making money.

“Sometimes we men are selfish and we don’t look at the big picture,” Mr. Adeoye began in the video.

The US-based pastor explained that when men are out making money, women are “stuck” taking care of the kids alone “24/7” to the point where they no longer have a life outside the home.

With time, he says these women become depressed but the men are not “sensitive” enough to see it.

He added that when the children are now grown and are off to college and the woman wants to finally live for herself, the man start seeing the woman as “arrogant”.

“Some African women have been abused unknowingly,” the pastor wrote in his video.

In the caption, he wrote: “Women get stuck with the kids while men walk freely in the name of providing. Mentally women are drained. It’s unhealthy for anybody to live the kind of life they are subjected to.”

Watch the video below. 

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