Friday, February 24, 2023 – Reality TV star, BamBam has disclosed what she would do if her child comes to her asking to “change” his gender.

While appearing on a podcast recently, the mum of two girls was asked what her reaction would be if her daughter comes to her saying she wants to identify as a boy.

Responding, BamBam who is married to fellow reality TV star, Teddy A, said;

‘’If my child tells me mum I want to become a boy, I will ask questions  and I will reorient and educate and still tell the child to decide while I go on my knees and tell my father in heaven to fix her mind. Biologically I will show my own and show the girl’s own and say ‘look we have the same thing, Daddy’s own is different’. 

I am going to open a book, I will not bring a naked man to show her but I will show her this is what boys have that makes them boys and this is what girls have that makes them girls and according to history and according to creation, God created a woman this way and a man this way. If something within you feels like you are masculine, we are going to talk to Jesus about it. He will fix it. I believe that God created a man and a woman for a reason”.

Watch a video of her speaking below

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