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A guide to slot gaming

They call this classic game something different all over the world – either a slot machine, a fruit machine, a one-armed bandit or even poker machine or pokies.

Whatever you call this good old simple fun pastime, it has become one of the most popular games of chance on the planet.

Today digital slots are an internet sensation – with millions of players now enjoying fun sessions with excitingly presented online slot games.

From the glittering ranks of buzzing, flashing machines in a Vegas casino to the sophisticated slots offered at a leading online operator like Rainbow Riches Casino, today’s slot game has come a long way from its very humble beginnings.

In fact, the first machines were developed in New York in 1891 – as a crude form of mechanical poker.

Those early machines were a metal box with five drums that showed a total of 50 card faces. Players would insert a nickel, pull a lever and see which of the spinning card symbols settled in the ‘win’ window.

In those days the prizes for getting a poker-style high-scoring hand were usually free drinks – or if you were lucky a cigar from the barman.

The jackpot systems may have changed a bit since then – but the essence of the game hasn’t.

The appeal of slots

The timeless appeal of the slot machine is that it always provides a little thrill from setting the reels in motion – and then a tense second waiting to see which symbols settle in the pay-line.

Because of the rapid spread of rapid internet access and the massive availability of smart devices to play on, gaming opportunities are now available for players of all types, all over the globe.

The types of games

Online casinos have boomed with this new surge in business. They have been able to expand rapidly and more casino operators have opened too.

As the numbers player has grown the array of games on offer now has become mind-boggling.

Browse the casino sites today and you’ll find digital versions of all the old gaming classics like roulette and blackjack, and sophisticated live streaming games of poker and bingo.

And the most surprising online hit of all has been the soar away success of online slot games.

The success of slots

No-one in the gaming industry had predicted that those electronic metal boxes lined up in ranks in the old bricks-and-mortar casinos would transfer over into the digital world.

But they have – and done so well that online slots have now become an everyday pastime for millions.

Players all over the world can enjoy having a quick spin when they’ve got a spare moment like waiting for a bus. They can also settle down at home for a longer leisurely session any time of day or night.

The online slot operators

The online casinos can take much of the credit for creating the boom in digital slots. They have made big profits from the booming internet gaming revolution.

Wisely much of this windfall has been invested back into the industry, by hiring the best game-creators and web-designers. They’ve been able to make slot games look better than ever before.

And when you browse the leading online casinos now, you’ll find thousands of versions of slot games. Don’t settle for a few spinning fruit segments.

These latest slot games have been adapted and extended to create more and more enticing forms of the simple classic game.

It’s still the same playing process that spins the symbols when you tap ‘PLAY’ – but expect to find all sorts of bonus treats, extra spins, exciting features and multiplying jackpots.

These are all a way of attracting new players who have so many online slots to choose from – and a way of keeping them interested once they’re on the site.

Some of the more sophisticated slot games will require you to concentrate on what’s happening to take full advantage of the extra features.

Themed slots

The web-builders have created a huge range of themed slot games. There are now versions of the classic one-armed bandit covering every interest and preference.

So you will be able to find slots based on popular movies and TV shows, historical characters, music acts, holiday destinations and even fantastical worlds you’ve never heard of.

You could be playing on a Jimi Hendrix themed slot and get a burst of video footage that signals an extra free-spin – or you may be on a Jurassic Park-themed slot game and a dinosaur appears to announce that the next jackpot has doubled.

Asia themes have proved very popular. Asian players like the familiar graphics  – while western players like the exotic Oriental atmosphere.

Games might include dragons, peacocks and pandas. There are even koi-carp-themed online slot games.

Slots will go on forever

The enduring appeal of slots is that they are so easy. Anyone can play – and there’s not really any skill involved.

There’s always that little tinge of excitement when the symbols blur – and the thrilling moment when you scan the pay-line to see if you’ve a winning combo.

That appeal hasn’t really changed since those original New York poker machines of 130 years ago. But now you don’t have to go to a bar to play them.

Online slots now mean you can have a fun little game whenever you want and wherever you are. That’s why experts now say slots are going to continue to be one of the world’s favourite games of chance far into the future.

Looking for a job? Download the Kenyan Jobs app from Google Playstore and get the latest jobs and vacancies available in Kenya, go HERE>>>

Download our blog’s APP from Google Playstore using the link here>>>

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