Friday, November 25, 2022 – Mumias East MP Peter Salasya may have just found his match, the love of his life and his lost rib in the person of Bomet Woman Representative Linet Toto.

This is after he expressed his interest in marrying Toto, the youngest Woman Representative.

On Wednesday, South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro asked his Mumias East counterpart Peter Salasya to marry Bomet Woman Rep Linet Toto.

In a clip shared by Salasya, Osoro, who is also the minority whip at the National Assembly, suggested that the two youthful lawmakers could make a compatible couple.

“Hii ndoa ikuwe normal. Hii ndoa ndio tumeshikanisha. Wewe ndio bwana, wewe ndio bibi. Sasa wewe ingia hapa kabisa muzae watoto. Unajua huyu ni mweusi wewe ni mweupe mtoto akuwe muhindi. Maisha ni namna hiyo,” Osoro said.

In response, the DAP-K politician took to his Twitter to concur with Osoro, saying he was ready and willing to marry Toto.

“Kama Linet Toto hangekuwa woman rep, hii maneno ya Syvenus Osoro ya mimi kuwa shemeji ya wakale could have happen. Bomet people you did good to elect this young humble girl. You are always on top of her mind,” Salasya said.

This comes just days after a committee formed to help Salasya find a wife said that none of the ladies who had offered to be Salasya’s wife passed the virginity test.

Last month, Salasya embarked on a search for a suitable woman with particular traits to be his wife.

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