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Rory Delap’s incredible throw-ins

Throw-ins are a seemingly unremarkable part of a football game. Go now to 1xBet – one of online betting sites which also allows you to wager on the best takers of these kinds of moves of this sport. However, there are a few players who have managed to turn these seemingly irrelevant moments into effective weapons.

One of the best examples of a player who took maximum advantage of throw-ins is former English footballer Rory Delap. He played professionally between 1994 and 2013. During those years he performed in teams like:

  • Derby County;
  • Southampton;
  • Sunderland;
  • and Stoke City;

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Turning throw-ins into corner or free kicks

Martin O’Neill was Stoke City’s coach while Delap was part of the team. He stated that his throw-ins were equal to a “corner or a free kick”. He was capable of delivering throw-ins that could reach a distance of 30 or 40 meters. Before other impressive throw-ins take place, don’t forget to use 1xBet to bet online casino and win excellent rewards.

Additionally, these deliveries were quite fast. It was not rare that balls thrown by him could reach a speed of approximately 60 kilometers per hour. This gave opposing defenders big headaches, as they were basically dealing with something that really was similar to a corner or free kick. You can use 1xBet to bet while also taking advantage of its online casino, which has many games that can be used while waiting for English football matches.

How did he do it?

There is a very specific reason for which these kinds of throw-ins are not common at all. It turns out that before becoming a professional footballer, Rory Delap was an accomplished javelin thrower. In fact, he was a youth national champion. You can find all live matches today from 1xBet, which in addition to football also has athletics championships, such as those that include javelin.

Delap took advantage of the distance between the touchline and the advertising boards. He normally took a few steps backwards in order to get some distance. Later, he began to run forward until throwing the ball over the touchline. The player also made sure that those deliveries had a lot of backspin. This allowed the ball to travel even further. At 1xBet you can find all live matches from today from all the teams where Rory Delap played during his professional career.

In England there were many stadiums that had a lot of distance between the advertising boards and the touchline. For this reason, some teams took some “anti-Delap” measures, such as placing these boards much closer to the lines. Yet, this didn’t really work as intended.

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